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Click4Post is the place to be! Click4Post is the classified ads publication site in your neighborhood that aims to simplify the lives of its users. Click4Post.com is the easiest way to search, buy or sell, exchange, interact for conventional, or complementary interests within or in local communities in India.

Our advertisers have always emphasized simple processes. Driven by this preference, we have built the website on key pillars of simplicity and smart applications for classified ads.

Why use Click4Post.com?

Easy to use: Click4Post.com has been created, taking into account. You can access the information faster through category navigation and easy search.

Quick response: We provide a robust platform for advertisers to display their offers and receive an immediate response. The ads are visible throughout the website, which gives maximum visibility to users. As an advertiser, you can also use the “Push To Top” feature that allows you to stay on top and continue to reach the maximum number of users.

Aesthetic design: Click4Post.com is easy to understand, and its bright design helps users reach the most relevant page. The design and colors are vibrant and pleasant to work.

How do I use the Service?

At Click4Post.com. You can easily search or publish offers and ads for anything, from real estate to sell new and old cars, auto parts and services, home or business services, educational avenues, personal profiles for marriage or friendship/dating, jobs, appliances, electronics, etc.

Posting ads/offers/messages on Click4Post.com is FREE, FAST and SIMPLE:

Go to the ad delivery page, enter the details of your ad, and send it.


Click4Post is managed by an experienced and passionate group of first-generation entrepreneurs.

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